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» Accounts

Endpoint Description
GET accounts/{accountId}

Gets an account.

GET accounts/{userId}

Gets an account.

GET accounts/{username}

Gets an account.

GET accounts/{portalId}/{userEmail}

Gets an account by email.

GET accounts

Gets a list of accounts.

POST accounts

Creates a new account.

PUT accounts/{accountId}

Updates an existing account.

DELETE accounts/{accountId}

Deletes an existing account.

POST accounts/login

Logs in an existing user.

POST accounts/resetpassword

Resets the password for an existing user.

POST accounts/ResetUserName

No documentation available.

POST accounts/changepassword

Changes the password of an existing user.

POST accounts/checkresetpasswordlinkstatus

Checks Reset Password Link status.

POST unsubscribe/{portalId}

Unsubscribes all accounts with a given email for a given portal

GET accounts/ChangeAccountStoreId/{accountId}/{storeId}

Change Account StoreId

GET accounts/ChangeAccountLanguage/{accountId}/{language}

Change Account Language

» Addresses

Endpoint Description
GET addresses/{addressId}

Gets an address.

GET addresses

Gets a list of addresses.

POST addresses

Creates a new address.

PUT addresses/{addressId}

Updates an existing address.

DELETE addresses/{addressId}

Deletes an existing address.

» AttributeTypes

Endpoint Description
GET attributetypes/{attributeTypeId}

Gets an attribute type.

GET attributetypes

Gets a list of attribute types.

POST attributetypes

Creates a new attribute type.

PUT attributetypes/{attributeTypeId}

Updates an existing attribute type.

DELETE attributetypes/{attributeTypeId}

Deletes an existing attribute type.

» Audits

Endpoint Description
GET audits/{auditId}

Gets an audit record.

GET audits

Gets a list of audit records.

PUT audits/{auditId}

Updates an existing audit record.

DELETE audits/{auditId}

Deletes an existing audit record.

» CaseRequests

Endpoint Description
GET caserequests/{caseRequestId}

Gets a case request.

GET caserequests

Gets a list of case requests.

POST caserequests

Creates a new case request.

PUT caserequests/{caseRequestId}

Updates an existing case request.

DELETE caserequests/{caseRequestId}

Deletes an existing case request.

» Catalogs

Endpoint Description
GET catalogs/{catalogId}

Gets a catalog.

GET catalogs

Gets a list of catalogs.

GET catalogs/{catalogIds}

Gets a list of catalogs for the specified catalog IDs.

POST catalogs

Creates a new catalog.

PUT catalogs/{catalogId}

Updates an existing catalog.

DELETE catalogs/{catalogId}

Deletes an existing catalog.

» Categories

Endpoint Description
GET categories/{categoryId}

Gets a category.

GET categories

Gets a list of categories.

GET categories/list/{categoryIds}

Gets a list of products for the specified external IDs.

GET categories/catalog/{catalogId}/{depth}

Gets a list of categories for a specific catalog.

GET categories/catalog/{catalogIds}

Gets a list of products for the specified external IDs.

POST categories

Creates a new category.

PUT categories/{categoryId}

Updates an existing category.

» CategoryNodes

Endpoint Description
GET categorynodes/{categoryNodeId}

Gets a category node.

GET categorynodes

Gets a list of category nodes.

POST categorynodes

Creates a new category node.

PUT categorynodes/{categoryNodeId}

Updates an existing category node.

DELETE categorynodes/{categoryNodeId}

Deletes an existing category node.

» Countries

Endpoint Description
GET countries/{countryCode}

Gets a country.

GET countries

Gets a list of countries.

POST countries

Creates a new country.

PUT countries/{countryCode}

Updates an existing country.

DELETE countries/{countryCode}

Deletes an existing country.

GET countries/getactivecountrybyportalid/{portalId}

This function used to Get all active countries for portalId.

» Domains

Endpoint Description
GET domains/{domainId}

Gets a domain.

GET domains

Gets a list of domains.

POST domains

Creates a new domain.

PUT domains/{domainId}

Updates an existing domain.

DELETE domains/{domainId}

Deletes an existing domain.

» GiftCards

Endpoint Description
GET giftcards/{giftCardId}

Gets a gift card.

GET giftcards

Gets a list of gift cards.

POST giftcards

Creates a new gift card.

PUT giftcards/{giftCardId}

Updates an existing gift card.

DELETE giftcards/{giftCardId}

Deletes an existing gift card.

» Highlights

Endpoint Description
GET highlights/{highlightId}

Gets a highlight.

GET highlights

Gets a list of highlights.

POST highlights

Creates a new highlight.

PUT highlights/{highlightId}

Updates an existing highlight.

DELETE highlights/{highlightId}

Deletes an existing highlight.

» HighlightTypes

Endpoint Description
GET highlighttypes/{highlightTypeId}

Gets a highlight type.

GET highlighttypes

Gets a list of highlight types.

POST highlighttypes

Creates a new highlight type.

PUT highlighttypes/{highlightTypeId}

Updates an existing highlight type.

DELETE highlighttypes/{highlightTypeId}

Deletes an existing highlight type.

» Inventory

Endpoint Description
GET inventory/{inventoryId}

Gets an inventory item.

GET inventory

Gets a list of inventory items.

POST inventory

Creates a new inventory item.

PUT inventory/{inventoryId}

Updates an existing inventory item.

DELETE inventory/{inventoryId}

Deletes an existing inventory item.

» Manufacturers

Endpoint Description
GET manufacturers/{manufacturerId}

Gets a manufacturer.

GET manufacturers

Gets a list of manufacturers.

GET manufacturers/portal/{portalId}/{productIds}

Gets a list of manufacturers.

POST manufacturers

Creates a new manufacturer.

PUT manufacturers/{manufacturerId}

Updates an existing manufacturer.

DELETE manufacturers/{manufacturerId}

Deletes an existing manufacturer.

» MessageConfigs

Endpoint Description
GET messageconfigs/{messageConfigId}

Gets a message config.

GET messageconfigs

Gets a list of message configs.

GET messageconfigs/keys/{keys}

Gets a list of message configs for the specified keys.

GET messageconfigs/key/{key}/{lang}/{defaultCulture}

Gets a message config.

GET messageconfigs/key/{key}/{lang}/{defaultCulture}/{payFrequency}/{leaseTermInWeeks}

Gets a message config.

POST messageconfigs

Creates a new message config.

PUT messageconfigs/{messageConfigId}

Updates an existing message config.

DELETE messageconfigs/{messageConfigId}

Deletes an existing message config.

GET messageconfigs/banners/{portalId}/{lang}

Get All Banners from API

» Orders

Endpoint Description
GET orders/{orderId}

Gets an order.

GET orders

Gets a list of orders.

POST orders/store/{storeId}

Creates a new order.

PUT orders/{orderId}

Updates an existing order.

PUT orders/{orderId}/status

Update the Order Payment Status.

PUT orders/{orderId}/status/taxerror

Update the Order Payment Status.

PUT orders/{orderId}/fpbalance

Update the Order FirstPayment Balance.

PUT orders/{orderId}/addnotes

Update the Order FirstPayment Balance.

» OrderShipments

Endpoint Description
GET ordershipments/{orderShipmentId}

Gets a order shipment.

» Reorder

Endpoint Description
GET reorder/{orderId}

Znode Version 7.2.2 Get items of order. this function help to place complite order as reorder

» ReorderOrderLineItem

Endpoint Description
GET reorderorderlineitem/{orderLineItemIds}

Znode Version 7.2.2 Get reorder single item. This function helps to reorder single items from the order

» PaymentGateways

Endpoint Description
GET paymentgateways/{paymentGatewayId}

Gets a payment gateway.

GET paymentgateways

Gets a list of payment gateways.

POST paymentgateways

Creates a new payment gateway.

PUT paymentgateways/{paymentGatewayId}

Updates an existing payment gateway.

DELETE paymentgateways/{paymentGatewayId}

Deletes an existing payment gateway.

» PaymentOptions

Endpoint Description
GET paymentoptions/{paymentOptionId}

Gets a payment option.

GET paymentoptions

Gets a list of payment options.

POST paymentoptions

Creates a new payment option.

PUT paymentoptions/{paymentOptionId}

Updates an existing payment option.

DELETE paymentoptions/{paymentOptionId}

Deletes an existing payment option.

» PaymentTypes

Endpoint Description
GET paymenttypes/{paymentTypeId}

Gets a payment type.

GET paymenttypes

Gets a list of payment types.

POST paymenttypes

Creates a new payment type.

PUT paymenttypes/{paymentTypeId}

Updates an existing payment type.

DELETE paymenttypes/{paymentTypeId}

Deletes an existing payment type.

» PaymentLTO

Endpoint Description
POST paymentlto/WritePaymentTransaction

Post the results of the Payment or Authorization to the DB.

GET paymentlto/getbyorderid/{orderId}

Gets a list of orders.

» Portals

Endpoint Description
GET portals/{portalId}

Gets a portal.

GET portals

Gets a list of portals.

GET portals/{portalIds}

Gets a list of portals for the specified portal IDs.

POST portals

Creates a new portal.

PUT portals/{portalId}

Updates an existing portal.

DELETE portals/{portalId}

Deletes an existing portal.

GET portals/CheckSuppression/{portalId}/{SuppressionTypeId}/{value}

Check Suppression for portal by Suppression Type

POST portals/CheckSuppression/{portalId}/{SuppressionTypeId}/{value}

Check Suppression by Lease information model

GET portals/CheckSuppression?portalId={portalId}&SuppressionTypeId={SuppressionTypeId}&value={value}

Check Suppression for portal by Suppression Type

POST portals/CheckSuppression

Check Suppression by Lease information model

» PortalCatalogs

Endpoint Description
GET portalcatalogs/{portalCatalogId}

Gets a portal catalog.

GET portalcatalogs

Gets a list of portal catalogs.

POST portalcatalogs

Creates a new portal catalog.

PUT portalcatalogs/{portalCatalogId}

Updates an existing portal catalog.

DELETE portalcatalogs/{portalCatalogId}

Deletes an existing portal catalog.

» PortalCountries

Endpoint Description
GET portalcountries/{portalCountryId}

Gets a portal country.

GET portalcountries

Gets a list of portal countries.

POST portalcountries

Creates a new portal country.

PUT portalcountries/{portalCountryId}

Updates an existing portal country.

DELETE portalcountries/{portalCountryId}

Deletes an existing portal country.

» Products

Endpoint Description
GET products/{productId}/store/{storeId}

Gets a product.

GET products/{productId}/sku/{skuId}/store/{storeId}

Gets a product with a selected SKU.

GET products/store/{storeId}

Gets a list of products.

GET products/catalog/{catalogId}/store/{storeId}

Gets a list of products for a specific catalog.

GET products/catalog/{catalogIds}/store/{storeId}

Gets a list of products for a specific catalog.

GET products/category/{categoryId}/store/{storeId}

Gets a list of products for a specific category.

GET products/category/{categoryId}/promotiontype/{promotionTypeId}/store/{storeId}

Gets a list of products for a specific category and promotion type.

GET products/externalids/{externalIds}/store/{storeId}

Gets a list of products for the specified external IDs.

GET products/homespecials/store/{storeId}

Gets a list of products designated as home page specials.

GET products/{productIds}/store/{storeId}

Gets a list of products for the specified product IDs.

GET products/promotiontype/{promotionTypeId}/store/{storeId}

Gets a list of products for a specific promotion type.

POST products

Creates a new product.

PUT products/{productId}

Updates an existing product.

DELETE products/{productId}

Deletes an existing product.

GET products/GetProductsByNumbers/store/{storeId}

Get products list by Numbers

GET products/GetProductsByIds/store/{storeId}

Get products list by IDs

GET products/bestsellers/{portalId}/store/{storeId}

No documentation available.

GET products/specials/{portalId}/store/{storeId}

No documentation available.

» ProductCategories

Endpoint Description
GET productcategories/{productCategoryId}

Gets a product category.

GET productcategories

Gets a list of product categories.

POST productcategories

Creates a new product category.

PUT productcategories/{productCategoryId}

Updates an existing product category.

DELETE productcategories/{productCategoryId}

Deletes an existing product category.

» Promotions

Endpoint Description
GET promotions/{promotionId}

Gets a promotion.

GET promotions

Gets a list of promotions.

POST promotions

Creates a new promotion.

PUT promotions/{promotionId}

Updates an existing promotion.

DELETE promotions/{promotionId}

Deletes an existing promotion.

» PromotionTypes

Endpoint Description
GET promotiontypes/{promotionTypeId}

Gets a promotion type.

GET promotiontypes

Gets a list of promotion types.

POST promotiontypes

Creates a new promotion type.

PUT promotiontypes/{promotionTypeId}

Updates an existing promotion type.

DELETE promotiontypes/{promotionTypeId}

Deletes an existing promotion type.

» Reviews

Endpoint Description
GET reviews/{reviewId}

Gets a review.

GET reviews

Gets a list of reviews.

POST reviews

Creates a new review.

PUT reviews/{reviewId}

Updates an existing review.

DELETE reviews/{reviewId}

Deletes an existing review.

Endpoint Description
POST search/keyword

Performs keyword search.

POST search/suggested

Performs suggested search, to be used for type-ahead search.

POST search/reloadindex

Reloads the search index.

» ShippingOptions

Endpoint Description
GET shippingoptions/{shippingOptionId}

Gets a shipping option.

GET shippingoptions

Gets a list of shipping options.

POST shippingoptions

Creates a new shipping option.

PUT shippingoptions/{shippingOptionId}

Updates an existing shipping option.

DELETE shippingoptions/{shippingOptionId}

Deletes an existing shipping option.

» ShippingRules

Endpoint Description
GET shippingrules/{shippingRuleId}

Gets a shipping rule.

GET shippingrules

Gets a list of shipping rules.

POST shippingrules

Creates a new shipping rule.

PUT shippingrules/{shippingRuleId}

Updates an existing shipping rule.

DELETE shippingrules/{shippingRuleId}

Deletes an existing shipping rule.

» ShippingRuleTypes

Endpoint Description
GET shippingruletypes/{shippingRuleTypeId}

Gets a shipping rule type.

GET shippingruletypes

Gets a list of shipping rule types.

POST shippingruletypes

Creates a new shipping rule type.

PUT shippingruletypes/{shippingRuleTypeId}

Updates an existing shipping rule type.

DELETE shippingruletypes/{shippingRuleTypeId}

Deletes an existing shipping rule type.

» ShippingServiceCodes

Endpoint Description
GET shippingservicecodes/{shippingServiceCodeId}

Gets a shipping service code.

GET shippingservicecodes

Gets a list of shipping service codes.

POST shippingservicecodes

Creates a new shipping service code.

PUT shippingservicecodes/{shippingServiceCodeId}

Updates an existing shipping service code.

DELETE shippingservicecodes/{shippingServiceCodeId}

Deletes an existing shipping service code.

» ShippingTypes

Endpoint Description
GET shippingtypes/{shippingTypeId}

Gets a shipping type.

GET shippingtypes

Gets a list of shipping types.

POST shippingtypes

Creates a new shipping type.

PUT shippingtypes/{shippingTypeId}

Updates an existing shipping type.

DELETE shippingtypes/{shippingTypeId}

Deletes an existing shipping type.

» ShoppingCarts

Endpoint Description
GET shoppingcarts/account/{accountId}/storeId/{storeId}

Gets a shopping cart for an account.

GET shoppingcarts/cookie/{cookieId}/storeId/{storeId}

Gets a shopping cart for a cookie.

POST shoppingcarts

Creates a new shopping cart and saves it to the database.

POST shoppingcarts/calculate

Performs calculations for a shopping cart.

» Skus

Endpoint Description
GET skus/{skuId}/store/{storeId}

Gets a SKU.

GET skus/store/{storeId}

Gets a list of SKUs.

POST skus

Creates a new SKU.

PUT skus/{skuId}

Updates an existing SKU.

DELETE skus/{skuId}

Deletes an existing SKU.

» States

Endpoint Description
GET states/{stateCode}

Gets a state.

GET states

Gets a list of states.

POST states

Creates a new state.

PUT states/{stateCode}

Updates an existing state.

DELETE states/{stateCode}

Deletes an existing state.

» Store

Endpoint Description
GET stores/active

Gets active store list

GET storeDefault/{portalId}

Gets default store.

GET stores/{stateCode}

Gets stores list by state code.

GET stores

Gets store list by state code.

» Suppliers

Endpoint Description
GET suppliers/{supplierId}

Gets a supplier.

GET suppliers

Gets a list of suppliers.

POST suppliers

Creates a new supplier.

PUT suppliers/{supplierId}

Updates an existing supplier.

DELETE suppliers/{supplierId}

Deletes an existing supplier.

» SupplierTypes

Endpoint Description
GET suppliertypes/{supplierTypeId}

Gets a supplier type.

GET suppliertypes

Gets a list of supplier types.

POST suppliertypes

Creates a new supplier type.

PUT suppliertypes/{supplierTypeId}

Updates an existing supplier type.

DELETE suppliertypes/{supplierTypeId}

Deletes an existing supplier type.

» TaxClasses

Endpoint Description
GET taxclasses/{taxClassId}

Gets a tax class.

GET taxclasses

Gets a list of tax classes.

POST taxclasses

Creates a new tax class.

PUT taxclasses/{taxClassId}

Updates an existing tax class.

DELETE taxclasses/{taxClassId}

Deletes an existing tax class.

» TaxRules

Endpoint Description
GET taxrules/{taxRuleId}

Gets a tax rule.

GET taxrules

Gets a list of tax rules.

POST taxrules

Creates a new tax rule.

PUT taxrules/{taxRuleId}

Updates an existing tax rule.

DELETE taxrules/{taxRuleId}

Deletes an existing tax rule.

» TaxRuleTypes

Endpoint Description
GET taxruletypes/{taxRuleTypeId}

Gets a tax rule type.

GET taxruletypes

Gets a list of tax rule types.

POST taxruletypes

Creates a new tax rule type.

PUT taxruletypes/{taxRuleTypeId}

Updates an existing tax rule type.

DELETE taxruletypes/{taxRuleTypeId}

Deletes an existing tax rule type.

» UrlRedirects

Endpoint Description
GET urlredirects/{urlRedirectId}

Gets a Url Redirect.

GET urlredirects

Gets a list of Url Redirects.

POST urlredirects

Creates a new Url Redirect.

PUT urlredirects/{urlRedirectId}

Updates an existing Url Redirect.

DELETE urlredirects/{urlRedirectId}

Delete an existing Url Redirect.

» WishLists

Endpoint Description
GET wishlists/{wishListId}

Get a wishlist.

GET wishlists

Gets a list of wishlists.

POST wishlists

Creates a wishlist.

PUT wishlists/{wishListId}

Updates an existing wishlist.

DELETE wishlists/{wishListId}

Deletes existing wishlist.

» PortalTrackingActions

Endpoint Description
GET PortalTrackingActions/{trackingActionId}

Gets a portal tracking action.

GET PortalTrackingActions/GetTrackingActionsByPortalId/{portalId}

Gets a list of portal tracking actions

POST PortalTrackingActions

Creates new portal tracking action.

DELETE PortalTrackingActions/{trackingActionId}

Deletes an existing portal tracking action.

» TrackingCompany

Endpoint Description
GET TrackingCompany/{trackingCompanyId}?id={id}

No documentation available.

GET TrackingCompany

No documentation available.

» LeaseInformation

Endpoint Description
GET leaseInformation/{leaseId}

Get method

GET leaseInformation/{leaseId}?accountId={accountId}&portalId={portalId}&previous={previous}

Get method

GET leaseInformation/leaseDLN/{state}/{dln}

GetDriverLicensNumberIsUsed method

GET leaseInformation/{accountId}/{portalId}/{previous}?leaseId={leaseId}

Get method

GET leaseInformation/{accountId}/{portalId}/{previous}

Get method

POST leaseInformation

create method

PUT leaseInformation/{leaseId}

update method

GET leaseInformation/leaseSSN/{ssn}

GetSSNIsUsed method

GET leaseInformation/leaseRN/{routingNumber}

GetCheckRountigNumber method

GET leaseInformation/leaseACC/{accountNumber}

GetAccountNumberIsUsing method

GET leaseInformation/leaseCC/{cardNumber}

GetCardNumberIsUsing method


Endpoint Description

Create User Device Information

» Agreement

Endpoint Description
GET agreement/{agreementId}

Get method

GET agreement/lease/{leaseId}

Get method

POST agreement

Creates a new address.

PUT agreement/{agreementId}

Updates an existing address.

GET agreement/number/{portalId}

GetAgreementNumber method

GET agreement/order/{orderId}

Get method

» ContentPage

Endpoint Description
GET contentPage/{portalId}/{name}/{lang}

No documentation available.

GET contentPage/{portalId}/{name}/{storeId}

No documentation available.

GET contentPage/{portalId}/{name}/{lang}/{storeId}

No documentation available.

Endpoint Description
GET menu/{portalId}

No documentation available.

» Language

Endpoint Description
GET language/{portalId}

No documentation available.

» Email

Endpoint Description
GET adverse/{leaseId}/{storeId}

Send Adverse Action Email

GET approve/{leaseId}/{storeId}

Send Approve Email

POST sendagreement

No documentation available.

GET application/{leaseId}/limit/cancelemail

Send Limit Cancelled Email

GET agreement/{agreementId}/order/cancelemail

Send Order Cancelled Email

GET resignagreement/{agreementId}

Send Approve Email

GET customerfeedbacks/{feedbackId}/{storeId}/send

Send Customer Feedback Email

GET changepaymentfailure/{leaseId}/{storeId}/send

Send Portal Admin Notification Change Payment Method failure Email

GET ipredictprocessingfailure/{leaseId}/send

Send Customer Service Notification iPredict processing failure Email

» EmailsSent

Endpoint Description
DELETE emailsent/bylease/{leaseId}

No documentation available.

» BadCustomerInformation

Endpoint Description
POST badCustomers

Get list BadCustomers information

» IncomeSourcesTypes

Endpoint Description
GET incomeSourcesTypes

Get list Income Sources Types

» BenefitTypes

Endpoint Description
GET benefitTypes

Get list Benefit Types

» PayMethodTypes

Endpoint Description
GET payMethodTypes

Get list Pay Method Types

» LeaseSections

Endpoint Description
GET leasesections/{portalId}

Gets a list of Lease Sections.

» PaymentSettingsExtentions

Endpoint Description
GET PaymentSettingsExtentions/{paymentSettingsId}


» Cache

Endpoint Description
PUT cache/clear

Clears all cache

» CustomFields

Endpoint Description
GET GetCustomFieldPropertiesByPortalId/{portalId}/{storeId}

Get Custom Field Properties By PortalId and store id

GET GetCustomFieldsValuesByLeaseId/{leaseId}

Get Custom Fields Values By Lease Id

POST UpdateCustomFieldsValues

Create Custom Fields Values

POST CreateCustomFieldsValues

Create Custom Fields Values

» ProductImport

Endpoint Description
GET GetByPortalIDSupplierID/{portalId}/{supplierId}

No documentation available.

GET GetByPortalID/{portalId}

No documentation available.

» PaymentErrorCodes

Endpoint Description
GET PaymentErrorCodes/code/{code}/{paymentType}


» CustomerFeedbacks

Endpoint Description
GET customerfeedbacks/{feedbackId}

Gets a customer feedback.

POST customerfeedbacks

Creates a new customer feedback.


Endpoint Description
GET ibv/start/{leaseId}/{storeId}

» ZipCode

Endpoint Description
POST zipcode

Creates a new zip code

» InternalServices

Endpoint Description
GET GetInternalServicesByPortal/{portalId}/{storeId}

No documentation available.

» Logger

Endpoint Description
POST LogNotice

No documentation available.

» ZipRequest

Endpoint Description
POST LogZipRequest

No documentation available.